Lew Lew Belle Boutique has been built and is growing rapidly from the mind and heart of Cari Cannon. Cari is a candid and frank soul who seeks love and beauty in all things rather than subscribing to the muddied, rarely achievable version of beauty that society has put before us. It is with this spirit that she has built the foundation of Lew Lew Belle.

Cari has worked in the retail industry for the better part of 15 years. She started her career as a part time sales associate in a high-end boutique in Destin, FL where she quickly worked her way up to the Store Manager. Cari has spent her retail career managing stores for an internationally-renowned, luxury brand designer and more recently for the #1 jewelry store in America. As the new year rang in 2015, Cari knew it was time for her next adventure. By April 2015, left her career in Corporate America and started her movement to make her vision came alive: Lew Lew Belle!  There was no question that this would be the name for her new boutique.

Lew Lew Belle was derived from a nickname given to Cari while she was in the U.S. Army.  Her maiden name being Lewis, she was endearingly named 'Lew Lew Belle' by one of her dear friends whom she is still in contact with today.
After a joyful Spring and Summer sabbatical, traveling and spending time with family and friends, Cari knew she was ready to greet her calling. It was time for her to start her new journey. Cari has always been passionate about making people feel good about themselves and has always been a seeker of embracing your own unique beauty. This has always been her core mission and would later become her business's motto: "Lew Lew Belle is built around love to make women feel as beautiful as they are."
At the core of everything Cari does, is love.  She wholeheartedly believes that true beauty stems from the heart and has no size, shape, or color.  She stands up for individuality and encourages everyone to be themselves.  "Don't be afraid to be who you are" and "Be your own best friend" are just a few of the many of expressions used by Cari to assist herself and other women in developing a positive self-image.
Lew Lew Belle has grown from a seed of love, and will continue to succeed by helping women all over the world find their best fit and style.
Welcome and Thank You for visiting us at Lew Lew Belle Boutique!
Cari XO