Large & Mini Half Moon Earrings

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Clean and crisp with a matte hammered textured. About

Rover & Kin

Hello! At Rover & Kin, our mission is to bring you unique artisan made goods while supporting sustainable development through fair trade. It's a simple business model that benefits both producers and conscious consumers. Collectively, the sum of our actions, however big and small, will dictate the future of our world. By purchasing Rover & Kin products, you are making a positive impact on marginalized communities across the world. FAIR TRADE EMPLOYMENT Our artisans enjoy safe and stable working environments while earning wages that are 35% higher than the industry standard. Many are the breadwinners of the family and most are the first generation to have sent their children to school, see them graduate and continue with higher education. HEALTH CARE All our artisans are provided with full coverage health insurance. Right to health means all employees access quality coverage which extends from small local clinics to most major hospitals across India. Eye and dental health camps are also organized on a regular basis and extend to the entire community free of charge. Other social programs we support include educational and after-school programs, capacity building and training initiatives as well as microfinance and savings programs for our artisan communities and their families. To learn more about our impact, visit us at